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On this page, we will list common questions you may have as a customer and/or owner. 

Q : My sunroof doesn't want to open/close when the button is pressed.

A : First thing to do, is just make sure that your fuse for the sunroof has not blown. Replace the fuse if necessary. If the fuse is OK, you may just need to reset the sunroof again. To do this, whether the sun roof is open or closed, press and hold the CLOSE button for 20 seconds. The sunroof will begin to move. Do not let go of the button until the sunroof has completed a FULL open and close cycle. once it is complete, the sunroof will not move with button depressed. Let go of the button once it has completed a full cycle, and you should be able to operate the sunroof as normal. 


: Is there a way to change the unlock feature so that all the doors unlock with one press of the unlock button?

A : Yes. If you hold the Lock AND Unlock buttons together for 2-3 seconds, it will change the configuration. and the doors will all unlock with one press of the button. To revert back to standard, repeat the instructions.


: Is there a way to stop the interior lights switching on when the doors open?

A : Yes. If you hold in the main light button for a few seconds, the lights will flash briefly, and they will remain off until you press the button to switch them on, To revert back to the lights linked to the door switch, repeat the process.



Q Sometimes I drive in places where the seatbelt are not neccessary. But the car always gives that warning tone. How can I switch it off?

A : It is not advisable to drive without a seatbelt connected. But should you need to deactivate the audible warning if you have something heavy on the passener seat, you can deactivate the audible sound only, but the Lamp on the cluster will still be on. You do this by holding the saftey catch button (Red Button) in for the whole sequence, then you lock and unlock (push in and take out) the saftey belt 9 times until the warning sounds once. One set of in and out counts as one, you need to do this 9 time consecutively. Remember to keep the red clip help down to make it easier.